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Psychometric Assessment


Psychometric assessment can make a significant difference to a business supporting important development decisions and managing employee’s health, wellbeing and performance.

It can provide valuable insight into an individual’s personality and working style, sources of motivation and performance barriers.  It is a useful tool in improving the effectiveness of existing employees and teams.

Thinkahead offers a wide range of psychometric assessment instruments which may be used:

  • To assist in the psychological assessment and treatment of individuals suffering from a psychological injury or mental health issue.
  • To assist in the professional development and transformation of individuals and teams.
  • To assist organisations identify risk management issues and develop strategic interventions.
  • To assist in the assessment and transformation of organisational culture.


Our assessment tools can be used at an individual, team, and organisational level.


Our consultant psychologists have extensive experience in the assessment of individuals, teams and organisations and have worked closely with organisations in providing the following support:

  • Clinical assessment, intervention and return to work programs
  • Development needs and skills assessment of individuals and teams
  • Leadership development and enhancement
  • Occupational stress auditing and stress assessments
  • Organisational Culture and Organisational Effectiveness Analysis
  • 360 Feedback and Career Management

Thinkahead is able to assist you in assessing individual, team and organisational concerns and provide you with innovative solutions and interventions as well as continuous support throughout the process.  For further information on how we can add value to your organisation please contact us today.


Thinkahead uses a 6 step integrated approach to ensure key objectives and performance outcomes are achieved.


Consultation with organisation regarding objectives

Psychometric test selection

Psychometric test administration

Compiling of results and psychometric report

Feedback to individual or teams

Report feedback to organisation