Practitioners Profile

Our team of clinicians at Thinkaheadare highly qualified with a minimum of 20 years clinical experience working with children, adolescents, and adults experiencing a range of difficulties. Each member of our team has completed at least six years of university training including a post-graduate masters degree in psychology.

Our clinicians are members of the Australian Psychological Society, which is a professional body with its own code of ethics. Our psychologists are subject to a wide range of professional and ethical requirements imposed by a statutory body and their own professional association.

At Thinkahead we are committed to providing excellent customer care, supportive and therapeutic interventions and are experienced in treating complex cases. Please see below for a more detailed overview of our clinicians experiences and areas of expertise.

Tanja Limnios

Managing Director at Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists Pty Ltd

Tanja Limnios is a registered psychologist with over 28 years clinical and organisational experience. She specialises in the assessment and treatment of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma and eating disorders. Tanja has had additional training in eating disorders and uses evidence based interventions when treating individuals, children, couples and families. Tanja works closely with local GP’s, communities and corporate organisations and divides her time working across both the clinical field of private practice as well as the corporate consulting.

Being a parent herself she works closely with parents, couples and families by using a family systems approach and providing psycho-education and parenting skills training to help support all members within the family unit.

Tanja also works in the corporate consulting space and has expertise in assisting and treating individuals experiencing workplace difficulties such as bullying and harassment; interpersonal conflict with peers and/or management; performance issues and workplace injuries requiring return to work support and intervention. Tanja is a SIRA accredited provider and provides clinical intervention through the Workers Compensation Scheme.

Tanja also works closely with individuals to deal with the broader issues that surface in all organisations and takes a very strategic and solution focused approach. She uses a combination of positive psychology, coaching and counselling to create behavioural change and build resilience.

Tanja provides consultancy services to a variety of corporate organisations and delivers training programs to various industries. Her focus is to provide early intervention, equipping managers to better support staff as well as implement effective preventative strategies. Tanja is also a presented at a number of national conferences and a lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) University of Newcastle
  • Masters of Applied Psychology University of Newcastle



  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
  • EMDR St John of God Hospital (Burwood)
  • Advanced Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Jeffrey Mitchell and George Everly (Baltimore)
  • Understanding personality and personality disorders (Hunter Institute of Mental Health)
  • Bereavement Counselling Mal McKissock (Sydney Bereavement Centre)
  • Breaking the Pattern of Depression Dr Michael Yapko (Sydney)
  • Therapeutic Treatment of Acute Stress Disorders (Hunter Institute of Mental Health)
  • Eating Disorders Essentials ( Australian Centre for Eating Disorders)



  • Full Member of Australian Psychological Society (APS104604)
  • Medicare Registered (2861052K)
  • Member of the Psychological Board of Australia (PSY1237261)
  • WorkCover Approved Provider




Sarah Barker

Mental Health Social Worker and Behaviour Therapist

Sarah is an experienced social worker and behaviour therapist who’s passion is working with children and adolescents with disabilities. She holds a masters degree in social work and a bachelor in psychology and brain behaviour.

Sarah takes a very practical and tailored approach when working with individuals and their families. Her strategies are based on the “positive behaviour support model” which focuses on positive and proactive behaviour change. Her therapeutic interventions increase and strengthen helpful behaviours through positive reinforcement and minimise challenging behaviours. Often families focus on negative consequences which can further trigger and reinforce negative behaviours.

Sarah helps families to be more proactive in anticipating where things may go wrong and help parents and carers identify and manage triggers instead of negatively reacting to difficult situations and/or behaviours.

As children’s behaviours are often learned through their interactions with their environment, Sarah helps parents develop strategies which positively reinforce acceptable behaviours and minimise the re-occurring of less desirable behaviours. Over time, children learn that difficult behaviours become ineffective and unnecessary and therefore are less likely to be repeated.

Sarah has additional training and draws on evidence-based programs such as – The Tripple P Program, 123 Magic, Circle of influence and transitioning to school.

Sarah works with a range of behaviours such as:

  • Temper- Tantrums, Toilet Training,
  • Defiance/compliance and back-chatting,
  • School refusal,
  • Anxiety and Trauma,
  • Poor or disrupted sleep
  • Fussy eating,
  • Transition to school and every day independence skills

Sarah also has a great understanding of the NDIS framework and can assist families with case management/advocacy, NDIS preplanning and/or appealing decisions. Sarah can also provide NDIS support co-ordination.



Cleo Eshun-Wilson

Educational and Child Psychologist

Cleo is an Educational and Child Psychologist who has supported children of all ages and their families.

Cleo has a strong background in assessments and her passion is working with children 2-17 years of age. She uses an eclectic approach to therapy and her expertise is conducting cognitive testing, ASD assessments and dyslexia testing. Cleo frequently performs cognitive (IQ) assessments; giftedness, learning difficulty and school-readiness assessments; individual and group scholastic testing; subject choice and vocational counselling; programming in special educational settings, as well as behavioural modification and psychological therapy for emotional issues.

To create the best possible support platform for your child, she liaises with schools, teachers, pediatrician’s and allied health practioners’. Finding quick yet lasting solutions for your child and family is her heart felt goal.

After having her own children, communication and development issues in infancy and early childhood became a focus of her professional interest. Cleo has gained additional qualifications in Play Therapy and developed further skills in the assessment and management of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

In addition to conducting assessments, Cleo provides individual and family counselling and supports parents and carers with behaviour management; guidance during periods of grief and loss, separation and family stress. She has vast experience with children who have additional needs and helps families to develop positive relationships.