Bekkie and Gracie
Date: 18/07/2023
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Therapy Dogs

Meet Bekkie our Therapy Dog in Ryde

When you visit our centre in Ryde don’t be surprised to see a furry friend.  Bekkie our therapy dog loves to meet new people and offers a unique and playful experience in speech therapy sessions.  She can be taught new tricks or be described in both oral or written form using interesting, newly learnt vocabulary.  Some of our children have even conquered their fears of dogs in a warm and loving relationship.

Bekkie assists in creating a safe space where children and adolescents feel more relaxed and calmer.  Interacting with Bekkie releases oxytocin in your body, a hormone associated with bonding and feelings of trust, thereby facilitating a stronger therapeutic alliance with the treating team.

If you find yourself petting or cuddling Bekkie, you may feel a sense of comfort and reassurance which can often help with regulating emotions and alleviating symptoms of distress.  The presence of our therapy dog can contribute to a more positive and supportive therapeutic experience and enhance overall learning, well-being and effectiveness of treatment.

Bekkie is often the first thing children (and parents!) ask for!

From time to time you might also see Gracie there (the little one) and if you visit our Frenchs Forest Centre you will find Charlie the giant.