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“I have worked with Tanja Limnios, Director of Thinkahead, over a span of many years as her work has been such that it generates repeat business. Tanja has an intuitive understanding of the underlying needs and has worked with us across a number of different focus areas whether it be support for an employee in need, crisis support, conflict management, or culture and team development. Tanja is a passionate and highly competent individual whose strengths lie in her excellent relationship management skills, diagnostic skills and professional competency. Tanja is a delight to work with and I would recommend her to any company looking for someone who can support at both a Corporate and individual employee level.”

HR Director

“Tanja Limnios, Director of Thinkahead, brings to our organisation a wealth of experience as a facilitator and executive coach and has provided particular expertise in the delivery of some of our LSI programs.”

Learning Delivery Team Leader

“The NSW Office of State Revenue (OSR) has recently been undergoing a period of unprecedented change. After contacting Thinkahead and explaining the situation, Tanja Limnios Director of Thinkahead designed an excellent one day “Resilience in the Workplace workshop”. Tanja was extremely consultative throughout this process which resulted in a day specifically tailored to our needs and concerns. The workshops were engaging, informative, thought provoking and included sections on understanding workplace behaviours and stress triggers and signals. The feedback from the attendees (Directors, Senior Managers and Middle management) has been overwhelmingly positive. The lessons provided in the session have been taken forward and Tanja has assisted us to keeping the learning’s in the forefront of our management practices as we move forward. I am more than happy to recommending Tanja, she is professional, engaging, easy to work with and delivers quality outcomes.“

Change Manager
NSW Office of State Revenue

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Tanja Limnios- Director of Thinkahead for a few years now and in the time of working with her, she consistently demonstrates a high-calibre of quality in her facilitation and consultative skills. She has sound industry knowledge and is dedicated to provide exceptional service, a personable approach and excellent results to anything she takes on.
I was fortunate to have Tanja Limnios assigned as a lead facilitator and consultant for a large Government organisation in 2010 to support a custom Certificate IV in Frontline Management rollout. Tanja’s dedication not only to the project, but to those attending her sessions gave the client the confidence they needed to expand the rollout further to other staff. Without Tanja’s influence, support and working seamlessly with a team of facilitators, this project wouldn’t have been the success that it was.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tanja to any prospective client or project, as she would be an asset to any organisation who engages with her.“

Channel Partner Manager
Asia Pacific at Human Group

“We have recently commenced working with Thinkahead and to date all of our expectations have been met or exceeded. Tanja Limnios director of Thinkahead is a pleasure to deal with. She is consistently responsive and very solution-focussed.
Overall, the attribute that have most impressed us about Tanja is the time she has taken to understand our business and our goals and requirements, and the seamless way she integrated these objectives into her material. We look forward to continuing to work with Thinkahead.“

Learning and Development Facilitator
Qantas Credit Union

“The Workers Compensation Commission resolves workers compensation disputes between injured workers and employees. Operational staff at the Commission are often faced with clients who require assistance to understand our procedures or a dissatisfied with the outcome of arbitrated matters. In order to assist our staff to relate effectively to our clients we contracted Tanja Limnios, managing director of Thinkahead to develop and conduct a series of workshops on the topic “ Dealing with difficult people”.
The attendees included frontline staff, supervisors and managers. Tanja was able to relate equally well to all groups. The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive in relation to the relevance of material, the interactive manner of presentation and effectiveness of Tanja’s approach to learning. The commission is very satisfied with the outcome of the training and I am happy to recommend Tanja who is obviously well qualified and experienced. She is professional, organised and supportive and inclusive and learner centred in her approach.”

Manager Registry Services
Workers Compensation

“With a workforce comprising of highly talented scientists and innovation being the key performance requirement, organisational culture is a key enabler. Thinkahead has partnered with HR in providing a work environment that is supportive and respective of all individuals. In addressing specific issues around inappropriate behaviours, Tanja Limnios – Director of Thinkahead provided advice and counsel that enabled the leadership team to raise awareness in an empathic manner, and provide pragmatic solutions that enabled staff to move from entrenched behaviours to more positive styles, resulting in an open and respectful working environment. Tanja’s area of strength is in quickly understanding the causes of issues then working empathically and strategically in achieving positive outcomes. I highly recommend Tanja Limnios – she is professional, valuesdriven, inclusive and pragmatic.”

HR Manager
Johnson & Johnson Research

“GlaxSmithKline are the world’s second largest health company. Our manufacturing site produces Panadol and McLean’s brand on a 24 hour production site. The site is unionised. Tanja Limnios director of Thinkahead has supported this business at both the individual and team level. Tanja quickly establishes rapport with customers and clients and can relate equally well to blue collar workers and senior executives. While Tanja has a calm and gentle demeanour I have found her to be wise, shrewd and a resilient professional who ensures that a job started is followed through to conclusion. I know that Tanja leads a team of health professionals and it is to her credit that she can balance the hands on aspect of a very challenging helping role with the managing people elements. I hold her in high regard and recommend her as a centred and helpful people problem solver unreservedly.”

HR Manager, Global
Manufacturing & Supply Division

“I always enjoy the opportunity to work with Tanja Limnios, Director of Thinkahead due to her professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness and attention to detail, always wanting to make sure that we, as her client, achieve the best outcomes. She has worked collaboratively with me to determine the optimal strategy to deliver what we need in a cost effective manner. Over the last 7 years, she has developed a range of programs and resources including customer service, change management, leadership, resilience and wellbeing programs and worked with a range of my internal clients across occupational groups.“

People and Culture Business
WorkCover NSW

“Tanja Limnios, Director of Thinkahead is one of those rare individuals who gains trust very quickly. She is expert at exploring team dynamics and is practical in helping you develop strategies which can improve team culture and performance. Tanja’s breadth of experience and skill in coaching, team development and cultural change is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending her.“

General Manager Marketing

“Tanja Limnios Director of Thinkahead is highly professional, flexible and engages well with people. It has been a pleasure working with her.”

Workplace Program Manager

“Thinkahead, namely Tanja Limnios has been providing services to Workcover for over 7 years. Tanja has been a successful provider engaged to work on numerous initiatives to assist WorkCover staff and people leaders with building and enhancing organisational culture. Tanja’s work has spanned from team effectiveness and culture change through to enhancing customer service and managing difficult situations, plus bullying and harassment. She has conducted significant workshops for diverse areas of WorkCover with a particular focus on those who are frontline, such as the Information Centre and the Inspectorate. Each of Tanja’s programs have been extremely well received. This is due to her in depth preparatory work and vast experience. She is able to work with our managers to ascertain the extent of issues and present practical and effective solutions to these. Tanja is professional in her approach. She brings with her a sense of calm and confidence that translates into her being able to work across many levels of the organisation from frontline staff to our executive management. Tanja has also worked with us in a resilience and wellbeing space. Again using her calm confidence and ability to connect with people, she has been instrumental in the transformation of staff and people leaders with whom she has worked. The fact these areas constantly request Tanja’s services on an ongoing basis is testament to this. We would have no hesitation in engaging Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists and Tanja Limnios as a provider for a wide range of our

Manager Learning & Development
WorkCover NSW

“Solid work ethics, drive, commitment and an expert at leadership training and coaching are a few words that spring to mind when recommending Tanja Limnios’s work. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tanja and using her services for a range of professional development programs for target groups ranging from graduates to senior management. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the industry seeking a solid facilitator and coach who is well connected in her niche and passionate about changing behaviour through training and coaching.”

NSW Practice Manager
BSI Learning