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Why Use Thinkahead

Evidence based interventions that deliver sustainable behavioural change

Customer Focused and Personalised Service

We go beyond good customer service and partner with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their needs.  We work closely with clients and take an integrated approach that combines proven psychological principles and methodologies.

We pride ourselves in providing a personalised service and dealing with matters in a timely and responsive manner.  Our service excellence stems from an understanding of our clients needs, regular communication and continuous evaluation and improvement practices.

Evidence Based Programs

To achieve transformation and increase performance we use proven methods and techniques that are appropriate to each client’s business requirements.  Our services and solutions are developed by registered psychologists and HR specialists to ensure targeted intervention that promotes lasting behavioural changes.

Our consultants combine practical skills with proven business skills and knowledge to ensure tangible benefits and results which are aligned with.

Qualified and Experienced People

Our consultants have a breadth of experience in providing innovative solutions at an individual and corporate level.

Our consultants:

  • Demonstrate independence and objectivity, are client focused and innovative in their approach.
  • Are fully registered psychologists with both clinical and organisational industry experience.
  • Have a sound understanding of organisations and workplace issues.
  • Are experienced in managerial and strategic roles.
  • Have knowledge of HR and people management issues.

Industry Experience

Thinkahead has achieved well referenced success in the provision of Psychological Services, Training and Development, Human Resource Consulting and Leadership Development across both public and private sector organisations.  We have a sound knowledge of the business climate and operating environment of organisations and understand the impact changes may have on organisations and their people.

We have worked within the Financial, Insurance, Legal, Pharmaceutical, Government, Media, Telecommunication, Information Technology and Transport industries.