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Company Overview

Partnering with you to improve your health, wellbeing and performance

Thinkahead is a psychology consulting firm on the Northern Beaches of Sydney that takes a multidisciplinary approach and  specialises in both the clinical field of private practice – supporting children & adolescents, individuals, couples and families as well as the corporate consulting space – partnering with organisations to achieve transformation at the individual, team and organisational level.

Our breadth of experience in both Clinical and Organisational psychology allows us to provide a holistic approach.

Our Corporate Services

Use an integrated approach combining psychological methodologies with leading edge business thinking to achieve sustainable behavioural change; create high performing teams; and develop constructive work cultures.

We specialise in cost-effective bespoke programs and services that focus on well-being, performance optimisation and business improvement strategies.  Thinkahead strives towards maximising performance through the alignment and skill building of people and organisations.  We offer a network of resources to help organisations identify and apply innovative and sustainable solutions to a range of issues impacting their business performance.

Our corporate programs and services range from:

  • Mental Health and Well-being – to mitigate risk within a business and enhance well-being of staff.
  • Corporate Training – to build capabilities within a business.
  • Leadership Development and Coaching – to develop leaders.
  • People Strategy and Business Consulting – to assist business sustainability.
  • Psychological Services – to reduce mental health, workplace injuries and psycho-social hazards within the workplace.

Our Clinical Services

Focuses on working with children, adolescents and families with disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health concerns.  What makes our service unique is that we see children and adolescents not only in our practice but also provide therapy and support in their homes or school setting to ensure we are more quickly able to affect meaningful change and provide individuals and families the skills that are most needed.

Our multi-disciplinary team (educational/child psychologists, social workers; behaviour management specialists, speech pathologists, art therapists, developmental educators) work collegiality to support all members within the family unit.  Our clinical services range from: