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Corporate Training


Is your business consolidating or restructuring or even reducing its workforce?

Are you trying to remain competitive in the market place but noticing that your team is under pressure, trying to achieve performance targets with fewer resources?

These are some of the challenges that businesses are facing during this economic climate, which is why organisations are recognising the importance of supporting and upskilling their people.

Thinkahead designs and develops customised training that effectively reflects the goals, objectives and culture of your organisation.  We recognise that responding to issues of communication, context, timing and relationship development are critical in achieving individual and/or organisational outcomes.

Developing people’s skills, attitude and knowledge can lead to the achievement of organisational objectives and contribute to building professional and collaborative working relationships both internally and with your external customers.


Thinkahead has achieved well referenced success in the provision of training, leadership development and coaching across a range of corporate organisations.  It has a reputation for the delivery of effective tailor made programs that ensure maximum value for every dollar invested, by using evidence based programs and qualified and experienced professional psychologists.

Our valued customer list include leading organisations from such industries as:

  • Finance/Banking
  • Insurance/Legal
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunication/Media
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport/Logistics


Our training programs are designed to incorporate the different learning styles of individuals and is delivered in a relaxed and flexible manner in order to educate and motivate the participants.

Our facilitators use the principles of adult learning as a basis for delivering training programs.  This approach incorporates action learning that builds on and uses participants’ prior knowledge and experience.  This approach provides skills, knowledge and tools to take back to the workplace and apply immediately.


The success of our customised training and development modules are due to the implementation of a strategic eight step plan which ensures that we achieve the identified training objectives.

1.Consultation with relevant internal personnel in order to ascertain strategic direction, business drivers and key objectives as well as understand the organisational culture and working environment

2. Structured needs analysis to systematically define the activities necessary to obtain the organisations desired results and ensure they are aligned to the corporate plan and competencies

3. Selection of service inclusion to ensure the most effective service types, resources, methodologies and materials are used to achieve the key activities and objectives of the organisation

4. Communication strategy and roll out of service to effectively communicate and promote the program and ensure engagement and commitment by employees

5. Continuous communication between Thinkahead and the organisation to ensure any issues that arise are intervened and dealt with in a timely and responsive manner

6. Identification of risks and concerns are monitored and reported back to management regarding organisational hot spots, emerging issues and trends

7. Program evaluation and measurement varies depending on the type of intervention/service that is provided, however our measures focus on reactions, knowledge, skills, application and impact on the business.  All services provided by Thinkahead are evaluated against agreed outcomes and deliverables

8. Corporate report and feedback is provided at the conclusion of the service which summarises service delivery, emerging hot spots and trends and any organisational specific issues that may have surfaced throughout the consultancy period


Thinkahead develop and deliver a range of professional training programs to suit your unique needs.  Our programs range from seminars to half day and full day workshops.

For a fully customised program, please contact us today!