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Corporate Services

Innovative, targeted business solutions that maximises performance

Within the corporate environment Thinkahead works in partnership with organisations to achieve transformation at the individual, team and organisational level.

We use an integrated approach combining psychological principles with leading edge business thinking to achieve sustainable behavioural change, create high performing teams and constructive work cultures.

Performance and Wellbeing Programs

Performance and Wellbeing in the workplace has become a major focus of many organisations today, as workers are facing more demands from various sources, such as changing government policies, outsourcing, downsizing, casualising and de-institutionalisation without necessarily having the appropriate resources in place.

Culture Enhancement and Intiatives

The prevailing economic conditions demand robust business strategies that are designed to meet two goals; to help you survive the current challenges and to build capability to prosper in a reshaped world.  In order to achieve this organisations need to have a clear corporate vision of where they are heading.  The organisation’s culture must be aligned with this vision.  Managing culture is probably the single most important challenge for any chief executive today.

Psychological Services

Most of us are quite resilient but at times may experience stress in our lives or need assistance with challenging circumstances.  Counselling is an active process that can help you to fully understand the difficulties and barriers you may be experiencing and find practical and effectives strategies and solutions.

Corporate Training

Is your business consolidating or restructuring or even reducing its workforce?  Are you trying to remain competitive in the market place but noticing that your team is under pressure, trying to achieve performance targets with fewer resources?  These are some of the challenges that businesses are facing during this economic climate, which is why organisations are recognising the importance of supporting and upskilling their people.  Developing people’s skills, attitude and knowledge can lead to the achievement of organisational objectives and contribute to building professional and collaborative working relationships both internally and with your external customers.

Leadership Development and Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative, interactive process that inspires individuals to maximise their personal and professional potential with a focus on achieving enhanced results.  It assists people to set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths.  The coaching relationship is a strong, resilient, objective and safe vehicle in which change and growth can take place.  The objective of Thinkahead’s Coaching and Development Program is to provide one-to-one, goal-directed coaching to assist individuals with current identified development needs and future development needs.

People Strategy Consulting

With the current economic conditions many businesses are focusing on reducing costs by looking at partially outsourcing human resource functions, in order to retain focus on strategy and achieve tangible business outcomes.  If your organisation is currently reducing its workforce or is faced with a recruitment freeze, therefore making it difficult to acquire expertise internally then consider using Thinkahead.  We offer a broad range of Human Resource Solutions to help you achieve your business objectives.

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessments can make a significant difference to a business supporting important development decisions and managing employee health, well-being and performance.  It can provide valuable insight into an individual’s personality and working style, sources of motivation and performance barriers.  It is a useful tool in improving the effectiveness of existing employees and teams.

Change Programs

Thinkahead is committed in partnering with organisations to effectively manage the ‘human aspects’ of a change process and ensure the organisation’s psychological well-being.  Our Change Management and Outplacement Programs are flexible and allow Thinkahead to be as involved in the process as management determines.