Company Overview

Partnering with you to improve your health, wellbeing and performance


Thinkahead is a private psychology consulting firm that works across both the field of private
practice as well as the corporate consulting space. Our clinical practice specialises in the
assessment and treatment of mental health conditions as well as a broad spectrum of both
personal and work related issues . We work closely with local GPs, communities and corporate
organisations and provide clinical services and interventions to children, adolescent and adults.

Within the corporate environment Thinkahead works in partnership with organisations to achieve transformation at the individual, team and organisational level.We offer a network of resources to help organisations identify and apply innovative and sustainable solutions to a range of issues impacting their business performance.

Our programs and services focus on corporate wellbeing, performance optimisation and business improvement strategies. We use an integrated approach combining psychological principles and methodologies with leading edge business thinking to achieve sustainable behavioural change, create high performing teams and constructive work cultures. Thinkahead strives towards maximising performance and enhancing corporate wellbeing through the alignment and skill building of people and organisations.