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Workplace Challenges

Workplace Concerns

We often experience challenges at work that, that if left untreated can cause some impairment to our daily functioning. Whether that is being bullied at work, being made redundant or dealing with interpersonal conflict issues.

With the pressures and demands of todays work environment, we need to remain resilience and apply effective coping strategies. At Thinkahead we help individuals to navigate and resolve any workplace issues.

We can support and assist you with the following presenting issues:

  • Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
  • Critical Incidents and Trauma
  • Workplace stress and Burnout
  • Performance management issues
  • Career change and transitioning
  • Redundancy and Retrenchment
  • Peer and Team Conflict
  • Manager/Supervisor Conflict
  • Organisational Change and Restructure
  • Return to work after an injury
  • Shift work
  • Work / Life Balance


If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how to tackle some of the issues or simply need a little advice, come and speak to one of our experienced psychologists.