Charlie and Gracie
Date: 18/07/2023
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Therapy Dogs
Frenchs Forest

Meet Charlie and Gracie our Therapy Dogs

When you visit our centre in Frenchs Forest don’t be surprised to see some furry friends (Charlie the gentle giant and little Gracie).  Both love to meet new people and play a significant role in enhancing the therapeutic processes by providing an environment that is comforting and non-judgemental.  If you visit our Ryde centre, you might find Bekkie our speech therapy dog as well.

Our furry therapy dogs help create a safe space for you to share your thoughts and emotions.  Our dog’s calming presence often assists in reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress and promotes relaxation and emotional well-being during the therapeutic process.

Interacting with our therapy dogs releases oxytocin in your body, a hormone associated with bonding and feelings of trust, thereby facilitating a stronger therapeutic alliance with the treating team.

If you find yourself petting or cuddling the dogs, you may feel a sense of comfort and reassurance which can often help with regulating emotions and alleviating symptoms of distress.

Overall, the presence of our therapy dogs can contribute to a more positive and supportive therapeutic experience and enhance overall well-being and effectiveness of therapy.

If they are not in session, you will find little Gracie snoring loudly at reception and Charlie taking in the sun or snoozing on the lounge in one of the therapy rooms!!